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It doesn't take two to tango!

We are experts at mental health. Providing mental health up till now has usually meant one-to-one counselling sessions.

But most people who need and want to recover their mental health don't want to see a therapist. For whatever reason. This is true in every country we have worked in - 15 at the last count!

So for all of you in that category, here is our hugely successful techniques reworked in do-it-yourself mode.

THIS IS AN EXPERIMENTAL APP - although the techniques are fully tried and tested and government recognised over several decades, their use in solo mode is experimental. WE ARE STILL TESTING - SO PLEASE BEAR THAT IN MIND WHEN DOING THESE TECHNIQUES.

These techniques have been tried and tested for 4 decades

In the early 1980s, a group of psychologists and psychiatrists in California and England put together a technique for alleviating mental trauma. It is called TIR - Traumatic Incident Reduction. It worked in nearly all cases, which is something you can't say about most therapeutic techniques.

This technique has since been used all over the world, for war victims, torture victims, victims of terrorist attacks (including 9/11 first responders, London Metropolitan police first repsonders and Afghanistan mass shooting survivors), firemen, paramedics, rape victims, bereavements, accidents and a whole gamut of other traumatic incidents.

We have adapted this technique so that community groups in developing countries and other places with no effective mental health services can be trained to give each other sessions to alleviate PTSD and panic attacks, as well as depression and anxiety.

But a huge proportion of the population in any country either don't want to talk to a therapist, or can't get access to one, so we made this app.

This program has been offered to selected individuals and organisations pro bono. In exchange, we would like your feedback. We are very thick-skinned, so feel free to say exactly how you feel about this app. All your scores and comments are totally confidential. Your answers to questions in the app are not saved anywhere, even on cookies. Only your scores are saved to help us with our research.

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